Diouf faces jail time

Blackburn striker Diouf was charged with wounding with intent when he appeared in court in Senegal last Friday. John Williams, Club chairman, was still trying last night to verify the story after the Daily Express told him of the charges.

Diouf, received a three-month suspended prison term when found guilty of a similar charge in 2006, but this time he faces a potential two-year sentence, if the case comes to trial at Dakar’s district court.

Blackburn had given Diouf permission to travel to Senegal to attend a benefit concert for the Haiti earthquake victims, which was personally requested by the president of the country. However, he was charged in relation to an incident alleged to have happened at 6am on June 28, 2009 at the Casino du Cap Vert at coastal Almadies.

On July 2 last year, local woman Khady Sy told police the player had beaten her up in a fight in the casino, with another man Cheik Sadibou Boye – a professional wrestler who heads up Diouf’s security team – also allegedly involved.

Sy had a doctor’s certificate stating she was too badly injured to work for 20 days. Diouf escaped jail after the 2006 incident when he attacked Aicha Ba, ex-wife of his former international and club team-mate Khalilou Fadiga, and pleaded guilty to assault in the UK after being accused of spitting at Celtic fans in 2003.

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