Gambling arrests for six in Augusta

Authorities in Augusta, Georgia closed out 2009 with the focus still on illegal gambling. Six people were arrested and charged with running an illegal video gambling operation.

All across the US in 2009, authorities were working on keeping illegal gambling out of their jurisdiction. Numerous arrests have been made, the latest just two days before the new year.

Authorities had been investigating in Augusta for the past six months. The Raceway on Deans Bridge Road and the CK Convenience Store were the main targets and machines were seized from each location on Wednesday.

Sgt. Richard Elim from the Sheriff’s Office Vice Division claims the two convenience stores had been caught offering the illegal video gambling machines in the past and had been warned. However, the stores did not heed the warning and on Wednesday, the raids and the arrests were made. The two stores are not connected, although both busts occurred on the same day.

A major movement has been going on in the US to stop these illegal video gambling machines. Alabama Governor Robert Riley has gone as far as to set up a task force to stop the activity.

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